Jaguar Warrior

Talisman’s Wielder: The Powers of Time and Nature
Book One of the Talismans Cycle
Young Adult Mythical Fantasy

For Darrin’s 16th birthday, his dad gave him an unusual gift: a millennia-old Mayan Talisman—along with an order to never take it off! When his dad disappears mysteriously while excavating a Mayan ruin, Darrin needs the help of Hans Friedrich, the world’s foremost authority on the Maya to hunt him down. Together with Talia, a teenage genius who studied with Darrin’s dad, and Audri, the daughter of the Brazilian anthropologist also lost at the excavation, they piece together clues that the Mayan Talisman may be more than it appears.

Darrin realizes that they’re not the only ones who know about the Talisman he’s wearing or the unbelievable powers it controls! An unusual stranger is also looking for Darrin’s dad, and he is wearing a golden talisman of his own. Will Darrin find his missing father and learn the secret of the Talismans? Can he elude the dangerous treasure hunters on his path? Will he and his friends be eaten by giant jaguars?

Find out in Talisman’s Wielder by Shawn P. Butler.