Shawn P. Butler, WriterShawn P. Butler is an anthropologist and adventurer who spends action-packed days exploring ancient ruins and recovering mystical archaeological treasures. Okay, officially he has a job in marketing at a small ad agency and his daily adventures consist mostly of braving the cubicle jungle and scouring the savage internet for gems of content he can use for his clients.

But he is a cultural anthropologist, studying and writing about the latest trends in social media and digital marketing for his company and clients. Over the past decade, Shawn has worked as an ad copywriter, campaign strategist, and digital and social media consultant for clients including T-Mobile, Toyota, AETNA, Subway, and the Utah Jazz.

In his heart—and his free time—Shawn is an avid adventurer. He has traveled the world, living and working on four continents, including spending two years in the Shawn P. ButlerYucatán Peninsula among the Mayan people hearing the mythical stories they’ve passed down through their generations.

Shawn was born in Seattle. At age 14, he moved across the country to Peachtree City, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, his MBA from Georgia State University, and his Master’s of Science from the Sorbonne in Paris. He has a widely followed blog on digital marketing, thousands of Facebook fans, and is in the Top 10 Most Followed People on Twitter in Utah where he currently lives.